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 Production technology and available furnaces
 Product groups

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Production technology and available furnaces

With the production technologies used in our company:

  • dry pressing,
  • wet pressing,
  • injection moulding- and
  • extrusion technology,
  • the usage of our furnaces for optimal sinter processing (in the high temperature area at 1800 °C and standard temperature area to 1400 ° C) and moreover the well-considered choice of materials, we are able to fulfil customer requirements for the respectively most economical solution at any time.
    Detailed information about the ceramic materials which are used by us and more visit the web project oft the Keramverbandes - VKI (German Ceramic Society).

     Product groups
    electrical heater components

    • heating conductor straps
    • insulating components
    • spark protection components

      materials ( DIN EN 60672):

    • Steatit - C220/C221
    • Cordierit tight - C410
    • Cordierit porous - C511/C520/C530


                 Cordierit also named Iolite and Dichroite.

    foundry ceramic

    • in-, outcast systems for foundry applications
    • filter
    • crushing cores for feeding reservoirs (riser, feeder)
    • sample traps and probes

      materials (DIN EN 60672):

    • Cordierit porous - C511/C520/C530


    welding aids

    • welding rings for bolt welding machines
    • welding straps (also foils)
    • welding plates

      materials (DIN EN 60672):

    • Alumina (PCA) > 99% C799
    • Cordierit tight C410
    • Cordierit porous C511



      (Al2O3 - MgO - ZrO2)
    • solid electrolyt ceramic
    • Circonia-pellets for deposition of optical surface layers
    • components for optical fibre systems
    • other components

      materials (DIN EN 60672):

    • Alumina (PCA) > 99% C799
    • Magnesia C820
    • Circonia (yttria-stabelized) C830