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From 1920 to present day ...

In putting emphasis on tradition, this always Saxony based and family owned company has gone through partly turbulent times and different legal reforms with great success.

Despite of changing conditions the Herbst family has always focussed on staying an independent and competent business partner in order to fulfil customer's demands to highest standards.


After the 1st World War, brothers Alfred and Oskar Herbst take over the steam brick factory of their brother-in-law Morenz&Co in Pegau near Leipzig.

Karl Günther Herbst becomes successor in second generation.

The work area of the brick factory must give way to the brown coal opencast mining. Due to the centralized GDR economy - not offering any resettlement possibilities to private enterprises - the production has to be discontinued.

In spite of difficult outer conditions Günter Herbst purchases the company "Graphite and Melting Pot Plant Karl Theiß" in Dresden. The company is extended and becomes a leading private enterprise for production of technical ceramics in the GDR.

Production moves to today's location in Dürrröhrsdorf near Dresden (Saxony, Germany).

The company - until now led in the legal form of a Limited Partnership - is expropriated and Karl Günter Herbst is appointed production manager by the GDR authorities. The company then is incorporated into the economy structure of "Keramische Werke Hermsdorf" employing up to 110 employees. It is regarded as top business in the district of Dresden.

Reprivatization of the family enterprise. The company is set up newly and renamed Herbst GmbH Wärmekeramik. Karl Günter Herbst and Robin Herbst as successor in third generation perform the foundation.

After an excellent reorientation made necessary due to changed market conditions, Engineer Robin Herbst becomes Managing Director Sales, Technology, Research and Development.


quality management

Today the company has successfully combined both - the traditional orientation towards ceramic from Cordierit and Steatit and moreover the development and production of high-precision ceramic components on the basis of oxide materials.

We are experts in giving you needed advice for the construction of the components as well as for the development of the tools being required.